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The next big thing for Vagabond Hearts: NextVacay.com

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

If you're anything like me, you are always thinking about your next vacation...and the next...and the next. As much as I would love to be footloose and fancy free and be able to travel throughout the year, I must say that since our daughter Sarah is still in high school, we are somewhat limited to when we can take our vacations. Advance planning is just a part of vacations for us. Hell, we have our next 4 years of family vacations semi-planned out, but we are always looking for new trips to add to the mix:

  • 2019: Eastern Caribbean Cruise in March, Alaskan Cruise in June, Southern Caribbean cruise at Christmas.

  • 2020: NYC over spring break for Sarah's 16th Birthday and a trip to Qatar and The Maldives in July/August. (MY DREAM VACATION!!!)

  • 2021: Oahu and Kauai for 2 weeks in June

  • 2022: A family trip to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland before Sarah heads off to college.

I know you think I must be crazy to plan so far in advance, but when it comes to our family vacations, in addition to having to plan out trips around Spring Break or Summer vacations or times during the school year when there is no major testing being done and we can sort of justify pulling Sarah out of school for a few days, I am sort of obsessive/compulsive about the planning. I keep detailed notes about places we might want to visit, hotels or resorts that warrant another look-see, all while trying to budget in advance so we have everything paid off. At the same time, I'm mapping out my plan to utilize airlines miles, credit card rewards points and such to get as much possible for free or at a major discount! We are not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination...total middle class here, but we love to take great family vacations.

So when I read about NextVacay.com, I had to learn more. Seeing that we are limited to trips during specific times of the year, many travel websites that send out alerts about sale prices don't work for us, because frequently they are limited availability, must travel during this specific short window of time and by the time you make the decision to go, the availability is gone.

I think the thing that I like the best about NextVacay is that you don't plug in info about where you want to go, but rather you provide them your home airport (for us that is Orlando International Airport Code: MCO) and they send YOU details about low cost flights to places that (and this is the kicker) that you may never even thought of going to, but when you see what a great deal you can get on round trip airfare, it gets the wheels going in your mind and if you're anything like me, you can then see the potential for an amazing trip that you might not have ever considered before!

The service is not free (although you do get your first month free), but for $25 a YEAR, NextVacay will send you emails a few times a week to let you know about great round trip flight deals (frequency depends on the proximity and business of your nearest airport) that look just like this:

From: Next Vacay Date: Jan 10, 2019, 6:46 AM

To: sjoy1972@gmail.com Date:Jan 10, 2019, 6:46 AM

Subject: Next Vacay - Orlando to Zurich

$475ish - Mid Jan to Mid March and from Late October to Early December

We found a great deal to Zurich.

You probably have to get this ticket in the next 24-72 hours. Deals disappear quickly.

Mid Jan to Mid March and from Late October to Early December US$475

Please reply and tell us if you book any of these tickets, we love to hear when we help people travel! :-)

With love, Naveen & Shaylee from next vacay

The link that is provided in each email takes you directly to Google Flights where you can then check on the price of the flight from the specific dates you desire. The great thing is that they let you know the time frames that the sale pricing is valid for and they aren't limited to time frames right around the corner.

Just for kicks and giggles, I went to check the cost of a flight from Orlando to Zurich in November. Using the Thanksgiving holidays as a time to travel, I thought that if we left the Monday, the week of Thanksgiving and returned the Monday after we could fly for round trip for $486. It costs more for me to fly to Seattle from Orlando for that!!! Another great thing is that Next Vacay will also send you great prices from other airports that might be a little further away (in our case Tampa, Miami or Ft. Lauderdale) that you might be interested in as well..

A family holiday in Zurich, Switzerland? Uh, yeah!!!

So far I've gotten emails letting me know about offers to European locations such as Zurich and Brussels, as well as flights to Quito, Ecuador and Business Class fares to Bogota, Columbia and fares to Honolulu for less than $550 round trip!

Now I may have our main family vacation planned out, but I will be paying attention to fights, because one thing I like to do is leave our options open to be spontaneous. With passports at the ready, we are ready for our next adventure and with Next Vacay, I can't wait to add someplace new to our list of upcoming travel destinations!!!

Be sure to check them out at www.NextVacay.com I have no affiliation with them other than being a member of their site, but I really just wanted to spread the word about what they offer! Anything to make travel planning easier in this busy day and age is a God Send!!

For now, I am hoping that I will get that notification that there are discounted airfares to the Maldives...What is your dream vacation?

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