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Son Silver West in Sedona: More than just another gallery

On our second trip to Sedona in the last 8 months, we just had to stop by the Son Silver West Gallery. It's not just another art gallery....it's an experience to be had in Sedona!

1476 State Route 179, Sedona, AZ 86336

Sarah just loves this place....we all do actually. When we were planning a weekend in Sedona (along with a couple of days in Las Vegas like we did this past summer) we knew we had to go to "the Chicken Place". If you've ever been there, you would immediately know I am talking about the approx 7 ft. tall metal chicken out front ("He's not a man, He's a Chicken Boo!") It's just one of at least a dozen or two large metal sculptures that catch both your eye and your heart. If you're coming from Oak Creek (on Route 179 from the Interstate headed towards Sedona) if will be on your left. If I actually had a place to keep a 7 ft. chicken, you KNOW I would be figuring out the most economical way to have it shipped here to Florida.

It's a place filled with artwork, such as a beautiful watercolor by a local artist on our last trip, handcrafted southwestern jewelry, souviner tchotchkies, upcycled metal designs, classic business signs, gorgeous painted Mexican tiles (we got our house numbers), red chili pepper hanging displays, crosses for the Christians, Buddhist and Hindu statues, vintage home decor....It is just one of those places you can't really explain but rather you just need to see for yourself.

Additionally, if you are wanting to experience one of the many vortexes around Sedona, the Son Silver West has a great mini-vortex on site where you can sit down and just have your moments of peace and serenity. lt truly is our favorite place to shop while in the Sedona area.

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