• Stephanie Joy

Sightseeing on our way to Las Vegas....

With a four hour drive ahead of us from Sedona to Las Vegas, where we would be spending two days before flying home, we wanted to make a few stops along the way. We came all this way, so we just HAD to get a few kicks on Route 66.

After leaving Sedona, we headed up to Flagstaff and then hopped on I-40 west towards Los Angeles. I had done my research and knew that we wanted to hop off the Interstate at Exit 123 to get onto the historic ROUTE 66 and check out Seligman, Arizona.

It was probably around 10:00 am when we got there and although we had talked about stopping at a roadside diner on Route 66 to get true roadtrip feel, we just weren't hungry and a place called the Roadkill Cafe didn't sound so very unappealing at all. Exit 121, where we would have jumped back onto the Interstate was closed, so we drove 2 miles, turned around and then came back and really, there was much of nothing.

I don't know what I was expecting. Something like Radiator Springs like in the movie "Cars"? I really don't know, but for me, this was nothing more than a place to take a few pictures and then get back on the road. No places seemed to be open, there were no cars on the road either. I thought maybe we were just there early and things weren't open yes, but it was 10 am. So we just took a few pictures and headed back on the road to Las Vegas. It was kitschy and amusing, but on our next visit out west in February, we are going to make a different stop on Route 66. This time in Williams, AZ we visit Bearizona! We can't wait!

From there we continued on the interstate until we got off on US Hwy 93 headed to Nevada where we decided to stop for some gas and take a stretch break. We parked under this billboard (below):

Stephanie to Jason (chuckling as I'm looking up at the billboard): "Yep, You can tell we're almost in Nevada!"

Sarah: (Blank look on her face)

Stephanie: "Did you see the billboard?"

Sarah: "You mean for the snake farm?"

I guess I should be glad my daughter doesn't instantly realize that is a billboard advertising a marijuana dispensary.

From there, we do a drive through a whole lot of nothing...land with random trailers here and there making you wonder how anyone could possibly live out in the middle of nowhere like that, but realizing that they might actually want it that way. The next thing you know, we are coming up on Hoover Dam. Jason and I have been there before, back in 2013 and this time around it was super hot, it was "Dam crowded" and Sarah didn't want to really stop, so we just drove over the dam, took a few picture and left. Sarah was more interested in the road signs indicating that there were mountain goats for the next 5 miles. The girl LOVES goats. What can I say?

From there, we headed to Las Vegas for the last 2 days of our trip....it was Jason's birthday and the 3 Card Poker tables were calling our names!

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