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Sedona's Sky Ranch Lodge: Nothing fancy, but absolutely perfect in my book!

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

Built in 1982, the Sky Ranch Lodge is an utter gem that should be at the top of everyone's list for a place to stay in Sedona, Arizona.

Located 2 hours outside of Phoenix, technically Sedona is closer to Flagstaff, but we were using Southwest Rapid Rewards Points and they don't fly there. It was a nice drive, though...quite scenic and the time passed quickly!

I realize that for some, a getaway to Sedona involves staying at some fancy spa, getting massages, doing a little yoga, some laying out by the pool and relaxation, relaxation, relaxation. Trust me, there is NOTHING wrong with that, but having just gotten back from spending 5 days in Sedona, most of our time during the day was spent outdoors away from the hotel because there is just SO MUCH natural beauty to be found in the surrounding area and it just seems like a total waste to spend a fortune when you should be out enjoying nature and the gorgeous landscape. The Sky Ranch Lodge was a perfect choice for us while in Sedona.

Sky Ranch Lodge

1105 Airport Rd, Sedona, AZ


The view from the Sedona Overlook next to the Sky Ranch Lodge. Very popular at sunset!

One of the reasons I chose the Sky Ranch Lodge was the location. We've all heard the phrase "Location is everything" hundreds of times and the Sky Ranch Lodge has the picture perfect location above the city proper of Sedona, nestled in its own oasis at the top of one of the major scenic overlooks of the city, the Sedona Airport Overlook. Although the lodge is located right next to the Sedona Airport, it is a small airport where mainly private planes fly into, and the noise is virtually non-existent, except for a random helicopter fly over.

Just to give you an idea of the cost, a 5 night stay at the Sky Ranch Lodge, including taxes and fees was $801.56. Children staying with their parents in the same room are free, so the cost of staying here is really very reasonable. Yes, there are other less expensive places to stay down the valley in Sedona, but at the Sky Ranch Lodge, you get peace and quiet, a very relaxing pool and hot tub, well manicured grounds and better, more lush landscaping than I have at my own house back home in Florida. Sarah and I couldn't get over how nice, soft and fire-ant free the grass was. It's the little things that give us happiness. I guess seeings so much greenery in the desert of all places was a total surprise.

Some people like having their toes in the sand at the beach; we like the feeling of soft, ant-free grass. If you live in Florida or a number of other Southern states, you will understand the utter nastiness of those little buggers and how they can turn your own lawn into a minefield during the summer. We just had to take our "toes in the grass" picture. Excuse my bony feet!

The rooms here are "basic" but not Motel 6 basic. By basic I mean simple in their decor, not frou-frou-chichi fancy... It's a desert, cowboy, ranchy kind of feel, not Park Avenue with over-sized luxury bath towels, marble bathrooms and 1000 thread count sheets. The beds are comfy and without trying to sound too much like Goldilocks, they weren't too hard or two soft. Extra pillows and blankets are provided and upon check in, you receive complimentary bottles of water, which you will need because it is drier than a popcorn fart there. I never thought I'd miss the humidity of Florida, but Sweet Georgia Brown, if I lived there, I would be bathing in moisturizer each day. I don't think I ever remember my skin being that dry before!

The pool and the hot tub area were wonderful. On the small side but a perfect size for the number of rooms on property and I don't think I ever saw more than 5 people there at a time. It was a great place to relax and read a good book while covered head to toe in SPF 50. After a day of hiking through the canyons and up mountains, the hot tub with the bubbly heat and intense jets really helped to soothe sore muscles, too! Each building also has laundry facilities which we took full advantage of because I didn't want to bring home red dirt in my suitcase (it was all over our shoes, socks and pants) and plus, who wants to haul around funky, dirty clothes while on vacation? It's $1.50 a load and they sell the detergent there for like $.75, so who would have thought I'd ever be happy to do laundry on vacation?

Also offered on property is a wine/beer bar near the front lobby area, so you can sit under the vine covered pergola and watch the sun set. Wi-Fi is free for all. Each morning, fresh coffee is available in the lobby area for guests and they also have a computer station for quick checks of email and other internet access so you can print your airline boarding passes if needed. But you know what I really enjoyed? It's really rather goofy in the grand scheme of things, but honestly, I can't remember the last time I ever saw one of these bad boys:

Actual by God, insert a piece of carved metal into a keyhole, old school ROOM KEYS! Not a "piece of plastic you put in a slot and pray you get the green light in order to open the door" type of room key. It added a bit of nostalgia to our stay there, like we were back in the 80's (but in a good way!) and just goes to show that you can still have a wonderful place for people to stay on vacation while still retaining some unique qualities.

So if you're looking for a place to stay in Sedona, I can't recommend the Sky Ranch Lodge high enough. An inexpensive choice that is great for families, couples and a beautiful place for a wedding or special event overlooking the mountains! Feel free to contact me at sjoy1972@gmail.com if you have any questions!!

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*In case anyone is wondering, all these photos were taken on my Galaxy S9+ phone. As nice as they are, they don't even begin to do justice to all the gorgeous colors!

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