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Having the opportunity to experience our beautiful world as a family is such a blessing and one I hope you can learn from and become inspired to go there yourself!!!

Hey there everyone! I've been working on this blog now for a little over a month in a half and I'm finally to the point where I have enough to really go live, so I really thank you for stopping by and taking a look around!

Travel has always been something I've enjoyed doing. Growing up in a military household where we moved a lot may have planted the small seed of a vagabond desire to see as much of the world as possible while I'm still blessed to be on this beautiful planet. I've been to Europe twice with friends back in the 90's and although those trips were short, I was introduced to one of the most beautiful countrysides I've ever seen....Germany. I'ts been nearly 20 years, but we do hope to do a family European Vacation within the next few years.

When I met Jason, we started off our lives together with little trips as we could afford them, like a weekend trip to New York City in February of 2001 to visit with friends, or me taking advantage of one of Jason's business trips out to California in April of that same year. Since the hotel, rental car and his airfare was already paid for, i was able to find a cheap flight out to LA and spend a few days exploring the Irvine area while Jason was at work and we would spend our late afternoons and evening sightseeing...we were even able to take a day trip out to Las Vegas and spent the day sightseeing and playing $1 Blackjack at the former Sahara Hotel & Casino...that was all our pre-married budget would allow us to spend. As we've gotten older, we've learned that with a good budget, some advance planning and a willingness to try new things, you can take amazing trips and will have memories to last a lifetime!

About the Joy Family

We're not a normal family. In fact, we're downright goofy, with just a touch of nerdy (well, maybe a lot of nerdy at times)...but we're fun, we care very much for one another and we LOVE to travel.

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